IE Requires www. to Go to a Site

I had an interesting and obscure problem today with a solution that was buried deep in the registry. Which is what this blog is all about! IE8 on Windows XP would go to, but it would not go to I just got a message instead.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Cannot find ‘’. Make sure the path or internet address is correct.

It was happening with other sites too; it would go to them if I included www, but would not go to them without. I knew there had to be some setting or registry entry that was screwed up, but I didn’t know where to look.

Finally I found the solution on the Maxthon support forums. It was a registry entry indeed. Under this registry key:


There are two subkeys, DefaultPrefix and Prefixes. In each of these is a (Default) value that should be set to http://. On the computer that was not working today, one of them was (value not set). I changed it, and it started working right away.

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