Outlook Keeps Asking For Password

I had an issue where Outlook 2007 and above, with an Exchange 2010 server, would constantly ask for a password. It was a problem with AutoDiscovery authentication. The solution was found here:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type: cd c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\
  3. Type: appcmd list config /section:windowsAuthentication 
    1. You’ll see something like this:
      <windowsAuthentication enabled=”true” useKernelMode=”false”>
      <add value=”Negotiate” />
      <add value=”NTLM” />
    1. Notice the two highlighted areas, we need to reverse these so NTLM is first.
  4. Type: Appcmd.exe set config /section:windowsAuthentication /-providers.[value=’Negotiate’]
    1. This removes the “Negotiate” entry
  5. Type: appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webServer/security/authentication/windowsAuthentication /+”providers.[value=’Negotiate’]” /commit:apphost
    1. This adds “Negotiate” back, but under NTLM.
  6. Type: iisreset (Note: don’t issue this command during the day, you’ll temp disconnect all mail users!)

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