BSOD with New Motherboard

Sometimes if you move a Windows motherboard to a new motherboard/CPU, it all works perfectly. Sometimes you get a BSoD at startup and a reboot loop. The difference seems to come down to differences in chipsets between the two computers. In Windows XP I used to run what was called a “repair install” to get past this. In Vista and 7 they removed that option so I had no idea what to do to get past it.

I found a method for getting past this, and in my testing of one computer it seems to work. I found it on this page. It involves booting with a CD, going to the Command Prompt option, and using the DISM command to preload all drivers from the motherboard CD into Windows.

dism /image:c:\ /add-driver /Driver:X:\ /recurse

Change drive letters to match, of course.

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